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Robert Millar

Can we have better SPAM control?

Asked by Robert Millar 4 years ago spam

Robert Millar
Several hub owners asked for this, so we built it!

Although Qhub comes with sophisticated privacy and moderation settings, some hubs still get hit with spam, so we changed the core code of Qhub to help fight this.

We did this by first identifying that spammers ask and answer their own questions, and put a spammy link in those answers (because they want you to click through to their stuff, right?)

So now, if a hub user tries to post an answer that has a link, the status of that answer becomes "unapproved", meaning that it will not show up until an Admin or Moderator approves or deletes it under Settings > Admin Tools > Moderation, here :

This filtering happens even if a user first posts an answer without a link and then edits that answer and adds a link to it afterwards. In other words, saving changes to an answer with a link in it at any time will change that answer's status to "unapproved", and will sit in the Pending list under Settings > Admin Tools > Moderation.

It also happens automatically and irrespective of the settings at Settings > Advanced > Moderation Settings, here :

Please let us know if you think this new spam blocker is helpful.

by Robert Millar 4 years ago

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Can we have better SPAM control?

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