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Charlotte Bullock

How can i see who my members are?

Asked by Charlotte Bullock 9 years ago help members

A quick way for anyone to see the member list is to click on the "member box" in the top right under the search field:

by Tim 9 years ago

Charlotte Bullock
To see who you have registered as members/users, log in and go to the 'Settings' link.

Go to the 'Admin Tools' section and choose 'Member Management' from the right hand menu.

You will see a list of your members appear in the main section of the page.

From this list, you can see who your members are, their email addresses and when they joined.

The status is whether you have approved them as administrators for your site - which gives them slightly different access than a normal user.  

By clicking on the picture of the member or their name, you can see their contributions/posts/questions etc as well as some other information that they may have provided on registration.

by Charlotte Bullo...  9 years ago

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How can i see who my members are?

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